Confined Space Entry Awareness Training

Course overview

This training is intended for persons working in confined spaces, which are classified as spaces of increased risk with non-standard access, performing complex activities of increased risk and ensuring that the aspects of specific control and rescue are properly followed for the purpose of safeguarding against risks of asphyxiation, poisoning with toxic gases, explosion, fire, any mechanical threats or risks related to the system’s physical complexity and against any specific internal dangers.

During the training, the participants are trained to use gas detectors, respiratory protective equipment when working in confined spaces and fall protection equipment when working at height, i.e. a tripod, inertia reel – a fall arrest device, safety harness set, etc.

The participants are trained to follow necessary procedures, conduct essential precautions: select, use, check and control the equipment intended for work in a confined space.

Admission requirements

All personnel taking part in industry tasks, which require performing work in confined spaces.​​

  • The minimum age of a trainee is 18.

  • The trainees have to complete a self-declaration of medical fitness form.

Course duration

1 day

Price includes coffee breaks, free lunch and accomodation. VAT 21% included.

Course dates

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